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I’m not very good at Tetris but I’m going to give this a spin for sure. I just keep thinking, «I got 99 players and a … ain’t one.» Sigh. Tetris in itself is a very simplistic, but addictive game.

Players can also send Garbage Blocks to the opposition to make their life hell and make it more challenging for others to survive in the game. If you manage to KO someone, you will gain a KO badge. You can view more information about the upcoming 18th Maximus Cup and see Click here to get in a few free rounds of Tetris right here on our website the in-game Super Mario All-Stars theme by watching the official trailer below. Tetris 99 is teaming up with Monster Hunter Rise for its next event, Nintendo has announced.

Super Mario Bros. 35

Only 1 patch so far with barely any noticeable changes. There’s still no way to disable music or change controls, and no new game mode. Game offers 2 input layouts only and those 2 layouts are very similar. You can’t even swap the buttons for rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. I saw a part of Wumbo’s first stream and he played like a noob because of it.

Tetris 99 might honestly be the most enjoyment I’ve yet to have out of the Battle Royale genre. Out of all the Battle Royale’s Tetris 99 has arguable the lease flaws. What I love most about this game is how short the wait and matches last. It usually takes about 1 minute for the game to start and it is likely over for me in the first 5 minutes but the entire game lasts for about 10 minutes. Also the music is great and surprisingly to me the graphics are pleasing, I guess the only flaws I have with the game is the lack of a tutorial and my own skill. It is a mix between Fortnite and the puzzle game Tetris.

  • Tetris, the iconic puzzle game that needs no introduction, has been around since 1984.
  • The DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 changes the way games feel because it offers more haptic feedback than any other controller we’ve held in our hands.
  • It’s not a life-changing day, but it is one of those little important days that truly makes life worth living.
  • Completed lines disappear, clearing space for more Tetriminos, which fall faster and faster.

It is accessed by holding the L button and pressing select on the «Marathon» game select menu. However, since it is not part of the «Default» presentation, many reviews did not factor in this mode. Like the first game, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 offers a meaty single-player Adventure Mode.

Puyo Tetris Battle… START!

Then a full row of gray blocks become salmon (because they look like slices of salmon. I honestly don’t know what those are). Maybe there are more icons, but the most I have done on anyone was two crescent moons. Knowing this, you can assess how much damage the opponent is doing to you, or what you are doing to your opponent. If there is garbage on top of your screen, you can decide whether you want to combo right away to get rid of it or if it’s not a priority.

It’s free-to-play with an in-app purchasing component for items. For the first time in the West, players have the option to play with the original Japanese voiceovers with localized subtitles. A true hybrid game where players compete with Puyos and Tetriminos together on the same board, requiring deft, on-the-fly thinking to become victorious. Puzzle League is the pinnacle of competitive Puyo Puyo Tetris, which pits you up against players from around the world in ranked matches. A leaderboard system tracks your progress and compares you to players both in your region and worldwide. There’s even a replay system which lets you upload your matches so that other players can watch your best moments.


Players can clear tetrominoes by completing rows across both sides, whereas players will lose if tetrominoes overflow off the top of the board. As with normal Tetris rules, players have the option to store a tetromino piece to swap out at any time. By clearing multiple lines or performing continuous line clears in a row, players can send ‘garbage’ to other players, which will appear on their board unless they can quickly clear lines in response. The Big Block DLC is paid content – which is at least a little surprising considering that Tetris 99 is offered as a free game – that adds CPU Battle and Marathon modes. CPU Battle is like the main Tetris 99 battle royale mode, except you’re playing against 98 computer players instead of 98 real people.

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